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Into the wild city park

Where are Park Life series from?

When you’re wandering around in urban enviroment for a time you also come upon parks and green areas.

This series wasn’t planned from the beginning but has been developing over the years. Actually, I regard myself as a "collector of pictures“, after some time certain pics make up a series.

The pics of this series were taken in Linz, Vienna, Bled (Slovenia), Berlin and Budapest.

Which are the most curious aspects about the relationship between human being and parks?

The funny and remarkable thing is that human beings in parks behave in a different way, because they are relaxing and enjoying their leisure.

Through this, special moments are created, which are very gripping for the photographer.

Your photos are rife with a sort of ironic atmosphere. Can you tell me your meaning of irony?

Actually, the ironical touch in my work is not really intentional. It rouses from spontaneous situations, which are somehow funny in the end.

These ironical glimpses find their way into my work, they are partially amusing, but they also animate spectators to take a closer look. In fact, over the times I’ve developed an eye to recognize those situations and take pictures in the right moments.

Has your job been influenced by who or what?

Of course I have been influenced by the work of other photographers indirectly by looking at their work, but there is no special photographer who could be said to be an idol.

I appreciate Helmut Newton, because when I was a Child, I somehow gained access to photography through his pics. He could be the reason why I became photographer in the end.


Born in Linz (Upper Austria), grown up in Salzburg, now back, living and working in Linz.

Since his early childhood he has been interested in photography. He detected street photography for himself and it's been haunting him until this day. The urban jungle of cities, the people living there, the crucial moments and the endless trips through the streets and places are stirring him desire to capture moments. He works with Leica Cameras.



#photography #streetphotographer

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